BETTER STRANGERS Fan Club Meet and Greet Policy

Policy Revised March 2020





Better Strangers Fan Club Members will receive meet and greet opportunities with their annual membership.


Meet and Greets are limited to fan club members only - no exceptions - and each member must request their own meet and greet.. 


One child under 10 may accompany a parent - more than one child per parent will require approval in advance - no exceptions.


Once you are approved and issued a Meet and Greet, it will be deducted from the Meet and Greets included with your fan club membership.


Not all shows will have a meet and greet available, but availability will be posted on, in the store under the fan club tab.


All shows have a limited number of Meet and Greets available. If the number of requests exceeds the number of Meet and Greet passes available for a specific show, then those receiving a Meet and Greet will be drawn at random.


Valid photo ID and show ticket are needed to pick up passes.


A Meet and Greet pass is NOT an admission ticket to the show.


No personal cameras will be allowed at the Meet and Greet. The tour manager will take the Meet and Greet photos and post them on the Better Strangers website at for download/printing within 7 days following the show.

The following is not allowed in any meet and greet: Smoking, any gifts, flowers or food for the band, cards, photos with a personal device. Please do NOT ask Better Strangers to speak to someone on a cell phone. We appreciate your respecting the aforementioned. Any gifts (food, photos, stuffed animals, or any other gift) left at a Meet and Greet or at the venue or with someone at the venue will be donated site unseen to a local charity.


Restrictions above are subject to change to comply with Venue rules and regulations.


Meet and Greets are subject to change or cancellation depending on the venue, time constraints, unforeseen circumstances, etc.



Feel free to contact the Fan Club if you have any questions regarding this policy. 


Policy is subject to change without prior notice.