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Better Strangers is an intersectional experience that blurs lines and disregards categories. It is abrasive and uncompromising. It is dynamic, authentic, and expansive. Its members hail from different corners of the world, as its music draws from the different corners of human creation in a unique synthesis of genres. Influenced by the best elements of hard rock, psychedelic, hip hop, metal, grunge, progressive, and shoegaze, Better Strangers occupies its own space within the continuum of music - while paying due respects to the giants on whose shoulders it stands. Better Strangers is bringing it back by pushing it forward.

2022 saw the group unveil their debut single, "But I Don't Know Your Name," which premiered on Rolling Stone. The dynamic, psychedelic, and powerful track showcased the band's impressive range and earned them slots at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival along with numerous club shows around the UK and US. Better Strangers shortly followed with their moodier and more subtle release; "Nicotine Dreams," a track about substance abuse and self-alienation. Finally, the band closed out 2022 with their third release, "Raincheck". A song about a toxic relationship that sees the band tap in to the more progressive and aggressive side of their sound.

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